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Development Leader and Limitless Groundwork Founder, Lauren Ginsberg, operates under the philosophy that everyone you touch in life could one day become your customer.  To Lauren, this means actively listening – both to customers and employees – in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of a company’s culture and provide the best overall experience.


Prior to starting Limitless Groundwork, Lauren was the Chief Retail & People Officer at Native Roots Colorado – the state’s largest cannabis retail chain, which now has 20 retail locations and three production facilities.  It was here that Lauren gained hands-on knowledge and skills that allowed her to elevate her training ability, streamline and standardize operating procedures, and maintain a customer service-based focus.


With direct experience in supporting a retail brand through stages of hypergrowth, Lauren significantly increased the productivity and efficiency of operations through strategic planning, strong logistic systems management, and budgeting and forecasting to meet the objectives of the business as a whole.  Lauren’s ability to dramatically impact both the operations and workforce potential resulted in cost savings and increased profitability.  This experience led to a passion for building inclusive and engaged company cultures, which has proven to keep team members on board for the long-term.  Lauren knows how to harness the full potential of what she believes to be the most powerful asset in any company, the people.


Lauren has had great success implementing consistent and recurring team-building meetings for the purpose of guiding managers on how to make a conscious effort to understand their team members’ needs and wants.  These meetings provide vast insight on how to improve the workplace environment and make it more productive by successfully motivating employees.  Along with seeing to it that employees feel heard comes encouraging them to maintain a healthy balance of professional and personal life – something that Lauren has emphasized throughout her career.

In 2018 Lauren worked with cannabis companies in Colorado, Massachusetts, Florida and California. Her work with each organization was customized to each of the companies’ needs. From sourcing talent, to opening cannabis retail locations, to streamlining operations and improving operational efficiency, Lauren demonstrated she has the ability to adapt in various company cultures and proved she is a true asset to each client she brings on.


Lauren graduated from California State Polytechnic University with a degree in International Business Management.  She then went on to earn her Real Estate Broker License from the state of Colorado.  In 2017 Lauren completed The Denver Leadership Experience at the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business.    


"Everything can always be better than it is today."  - L.G.





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