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Need help laying your groundwork?

Limitless Groundwork delivers customized assessments, strategic guidance,

and actionable support plans that align with your company's business

objectives through streamlined operations.   


Allow Limitless Groundwork to provide you with highly skilled and expert strategic guidance on industry-specific topics and leadership coaching in the Retail Operations and Human Capital arenas. In an ever-changing professional workplace, the world is our oyster. Limitless Groundwork provides support remotely, by phone, email, Skype, or in-person.

Strategic Guidance


Invite Limitless Groundwork to learn more about your business and future business objectives in a detailed discovery session in which we gather information regarding the current state of your business with an intense focus on where you feel there are areas of opportunity, challenges, and priorities.


Our in-depth session will include an open discussion of where the company is and where the company is looking to go as well as a timeline of meeting priority deadlines from highest to lowest impact.  Additional discussions with existing team members may take place following the discovery session to gather more information for analysis. Deliverables for this project will include:


  • Overview and recap of discovery session discussion topics.

  • Identification of areas of opportunity, focus and past experience for topics discussed in regards to Retail Operations and Human Capital operations.

  • Ranking of action areas from highest impact to lowest impact for your business needs.

  • An action plan will be developed to meet your business objectives.  

  • A proposal for an ongoing engagement that Limitless Groundwork can provide for you in areas that are deemed appropriate and align with your company business objectives.

Initial Discovery


A business health check from Limitless Groundwork gives you a high-level assessment of strengths and opportunities in the existing business operations and targeted areas of focus.  This is helpful to:


  • Investors looking to invest in the cannabis space.

  • Businesses looking to bring on investors.

  • Businesses preparing to sell.

Health Check


This will be dependent on the scope of the project and the time requirement your business needs. The range of services that Limitless Groundwork provides can include a minimum strategic advisory support on a monthly basis to more in-depth projects inclusive of executive team support and analysis.  This can vary between organizational design, company mission, purpose, values, hiring, onboarding, training, retail operations planning, organization and set up, standardizing operating procedures, team member assessment, talent sourcing support and placement, performance management, community engagement, and internal/external brand development as it pertains to human capital and operations.


*All services are à la carte or can be combined to best fit your needs. Services can be provided for license applications, post-licensure support, management, and existing operations.


*Cost of services is an estimate and dependent on your business needs, the scope of work required and the time commitment is to be discussed on an individual client basis for customized support that aligns with achieving business objectives.

Contract Duration
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