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Lauren is a true leader and expert, in her field.

She has a natural ability to understand team dynamics and to provide guidance and structure 

for future success. Her energy and drive are

unlike anyone I have ever worked with in my professional career. Lauren has a proven path of success within retail operations, organizational structure design, and company culture. Her dedication to team success, efficiency, and growth

is something any company would benefit from. Lauren's passion for human capitol shines throughout the teams she develops.

Her collaborative culture is extremely effective

in high performing organizations, bringing

alignment to company goals.  

Lauren has provided well-rounded business operations, team building, specialized training, organizational development, HR support and guidance to organizations. She is highly qualified, energetic and compassionate. Lauren is a strategic, methodical, and well balanced in all levels of business functions and relationships. She

is a quick study and effectively provides expertise and training in technical and general skills. Her enthusiasm and  contagious personality  is recognized in all aspects of business. Lauren is    an energized and empowering leader for all parts

of any organization. It is widely known in the

world that I operate in that Lauren is an expert in   all levels and functions of business. I can attest to the dynamic skills and passion that she has demonstrated in organizational development and crafting key performance indicators that tie into financial growth and success of any business. Lauren is a business partner in every part of any company from finance to people operations. 



Lauren proactively identifies organizational gaps

or opportunities in various departments of the organization and proposes plans to identify and address root causes, solving the issues at their core.  With her strong strategic approach, she can ensure the organizational design aligns with the business goals, resulting in increased efficiency, accountability, and performance standards.  The culture of the organization is very important to Lauren and she understands what it takes to create a happy and healthy environment which enhances overall job satisfaction and allows employees to do their best work. She is skilled in influencing behavior and attitudes and creating a collaborative culture where all are encouraged and excited about accomplishing the company’s mission and objectives.





  • Lauren is a powerhouse operator.  Her brilliance and understanding of the needs of the organization enable her to strategize, identify efficiencies, and effectively hire exceptional talent to lead a successful enterprise. 


  • Lauren thrives in building a solid foundation while motivating a loyal and accountable team which allows for exponential growth in this fast-paced, highly regulated industry. Her professionalism and experience earn her the respect of a dynamic group of leaders.  Lauren is truly an asset to any growing enterprise.


  • Lauren thrives in the success of the teams she is a part of.  No task is too big.  Her track record of scaling a small local business into a $100 million dollar + enterprise has provided her with the expertise to consult and assist other organizations as they identity multi-market expansion opportunities. 


  • Lauren brings corporate scale expertise to an ever-changing regulatory environment while cultivating the success of others.  She has the strategic ability to identify efficiencies while investing her time and experience into the most critical aspects of a growing brand.  Her passion is in the efficiencies of the organization, the investment into the success of the employees, and the cultivation of a sustainable brand and culture.


  • Lauren’s experience in strategic leadership, operations, and building a cohesive team contribute to the success and sustainability of any venture she is a part of.


  • Lauren is an exemplary female leader - she is fearless, precise, and takes pride in investing in the strength and cohesiveness of the teams that she builds and is a part of.  In 9 years of navigating regulated cannabis, Lauren has been able to take a small business and turn it into one of the largest legal cannabis brands in the world.  It is because of her commitment to success that she is able to help other businesses reach their fullest potential and sustain the health and scalability of their organization.



Lauren Ginsberg came to us with a great attitude and a commitment that you see only among owners of businesses. She was an extremely hard-working, persistent, articulate, insightful, positive, punctual, intelligent, communicative, caring and consummate professional. Lauren is detail-oriented, and she has an innately proactive ability to spot concerns before they arise to a detrimental level, yet she is level-headed, calculated, and subtle in her approach to problem solving.


From executive team building to lower management talent search and placement, she understands that people are the greatest asset in a successful business. Her social skills are very complimentary to her success, and she is pleasant to work with.


Lauren's work ethic stands out among business leaders on a world-scale, and her ownership of a timely, final product is what drives her level of performance that is rare among industry leaders.


Lauren remains available and responsive to issues when they arise on an ongoing basis.




I met Lauren in 2012 as the operator of The Dandelion, a single medical dispensary in

downtown Boulder.  As an edibles manufacturer,

I have always appreciated her value of building strong and positive vendor relationships. 

Over the years, I've witnessed her incredible ability

to massively scale a business, multiply a team,

build and maintain a positive company culture,

all while paving the way in a brand new and

rapidly growing industry.



I've known Lauren for over 4 years and have had

the honor of having been able to work with her for most of that time. Lauren is professional, efficient,

and talented, but above all else she is passionate

and driven to succeed. I've worked with many

people in my career but have never worked with anyone that is as excited, driven, and capable of supporting a business, a project, a team, or an individual in being stronger tomorrow than they

are today. She is a powerhouse that has worked in every facet of the Cannabis industry. I have

absolutely no doubt that having Lauren Ginsberg

on a project will add value and any additional

team she would be working with will be better

for that experience.

I had the opportunity to work closely with Lauren

at a mutual client, where she performed an assessment of a vertically integrated business including its overall strategy, processes, controls and key personnel.  She quickly proved her

expertise in organizational design, logistics, and process standardization.  Her recommendations aligned with the business strategy and enabled improvements in operating efficiency,

compliance and effectiveness.  


Lauren brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm

to her engagements, along with a strong collaborative style.  I would welcome the

chance to work with Lauren again and

recommend her highly.

Maggie's Testimonial




Lauren Ginsberg is an exceptional consultant! From the moment both Northeast Alternatives and Limitless Groundwork signed the contract, Lauren went into "go mode".  She is absolutely committed to her clients and demonstrates this commitment by completing her deliverables on time and at an exceptional level. First, let me describe the situation we were in when we hired Lauren. We were quickly approaching the Grand Opening of our first medical marijuana dispensary.  While we have a great team, we were a little light on retail experience in the cannabis industry. Here is a short list of the significant contributions she made:


  • Provided a checklist of everything we would need to order.

  • Provided a checklist of everything that had to be done.

  • Took personal responsibility for completing many of the to-dos.

  • Provided coaching and lessons learned to all of us in the execution of tasks to get the store opened.

  • Created and provided customized materials and resources that enabled us to accelerate the time it took to get the tasks completed.

  • Worked tirelessly throughout our accelerated time frame to ensure a successful opening (which we achieved in large part due to Lauren)!


I'm happy to provide additional information as a reference check to anyone who is considering working with Lauren.





Lauren Ginsberg’s innovative approach to building organizational structures, retail operations, and developing employees is exceptional. Working with Lauren for 4 years allowed me to experience the best leadership and mentoring I have received in my professional career. She has taught me how to build and run a successful retail operation in an ever-changing, and fast-paced environment. Lauren’s talent for developing individuals into strong leaders and problem-solvers, coupled with her ability to create and drive high-performing teams is something I had the opportunity to experience first-hand. It has shaped my career. 


Lauren taught me how to successfully manage, prioritize, and build systems to increase operational excellence and efficiency. Her knowledge base in developing successful retail operations from the ground-up, coupled with her ability to teach and train this skill set was an incredibly valuable learning experience for me. Lauren’s tireless commitment to fostering organizational excellence, building high-performing teams, and level of personal support was the glue that held our departments together. She improved our collaboration and effectiveness. Lauren worked with and supported multiple teams to ensure inter-department synergy, communication, and collaboration. She has the innate ability to manage multiple projects without missing a beat, all while taking a proactive approach to problem-solving.  Lauren spearheaded the strategic management of a multitude of projects at Native Roots to further inter-departmental collaboration, and to increase the efficiency throughout the organization. She facilitated the prioritizing of organizational projects and initiatives, to ensure they aligned with overall company goals and furthered the success of departments.  Lauren did this by harnessing specific talents in individuals and strongly encouraging collaboration. 


Lauren’s skill set in building organizations and operations from the ground-up is something I look up to and admire in a leader.  Her detail-oriented nature, problem-solving capabilities, ability to manage multiple high-level projects at once and the ability to manage individuals is so impressive.  

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